Rubbering up | James’ MK4 GTI


So you’ve read all about my new suspension and wheels, but I’ve so far failed to talk about one of the most crucial pieces of the performance puzzle: my tyre choice.

I’m always up for trying new stuff, so after hearing only good things about new firm Davanti, I thought I’d give their top-spec DX640 rubber a whirl. Don’t let Davanti’s refreshingly affordable prices put you off, as it only takes a quick scan of reviews online to see that these puppies are nothing but fantastic value for money.


Although the DX640 is designed wholeheartedly with performance in mind, don’t think this is one of those tyres that will try and chuck you into the nearest bush as soon as there’s a drop of rain on the Tarmac, or one that will be down to the wire after a weekend of brisk driving. This model actually specialises in exceptional all-weather grip, longevity and low noise levels, meaning I thought it would make the perfect winter tyre for someone like me who enjoys the occasional blast on the rare occasion the sun shows its unfamiliar face.


My ROTA wheels weigh in at 17×8”, so I opted for some sensibly-sized 235/45/17 hoops to wrap around them, giving me plenty of sidewall and grip area for when I need grip in the twisties. Working with the other chassis mods, I’m frankly overwhelmed with how much speed you can carry through a corner on the Davantis in pretty much any weather condition.

Stay tuned to see how they fare in milder conditions, and over a more extended period of time…

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