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January Issue Preview

What do we have for you this time out? How about six of mainland Europe’s most incredible VW drag cars with well over 6000bhp between them? Getting them all together in one place was hard enough but getting information out...

december preview

December Issue Preview

Welcome to the Cool Britannia issue. The UK scene continues to push boundaries, bring out ideas and develop trends and put simply, blow our collective minds. So we thought it was about time we put together a special issue packed full of some of the UK’s finest cars to drop over the last year.

Performance VW Golf Rallye

“Class of 2003” Elliott’s Golf Rallye

With a day to go before its show debut at GTI International 2003, our (okay, it was actually Elliott’s) Project Rallye was receiving some drastic chassis fine-tuning at Haycock Motorsport following a full repaint in Nimbus grey at Payne’s Body Technik, a TT dash swap by MIVW’s own Emiel Kooistra and retrim by MJ Interiors.


November Issue Preview

Another varied issue packed full of some of the world’s finest modified VAG metal. Robin Varley’s incredible Mk1 blows us away on cover cover while at the other end of the spectrum Larry Harrisson’s Vossen-shod Audi S5 sunbathes in Miami.

Larry Chen (2)

Foust and Furious

Top Gear US host and adrenaline junkie, Tanner Foust, is back in Formula Drift but this he’s tearing up the back wheels of a 900bhp Passat!


(Really) Broke Status

Putting a VR in a Mk2. It’s about as easy as engine conversions go. Factor in some classic ‘Dave luck’, though, and it’s a whole different story…


Fab Time

Allow us to introduce the newest member to the RCars fleet, Rob Waite and his Fabia VRS. Yep that’s right, the first Skoda in RCars. Let’s get to it then shall we?


Revo’s new Intercooler

Revo has spent the last year developing its new intercooler for the Mk5/Mk6 and MK7 2.0-litre TFSI and TSI and here it is.


Whizzy the van

It’s always nice to hear about main dealers getting involved with the VW community at large, so we were only too pleased to give Lancaster Volkswagen a massive shout out