Revised VW Golf set for November

Volkswagen is counting down to the official reveal of its 2017 Golf and whilst it might ‘only’ be a facelift of the current Mk7, there are plenty of changes afoot. As we reported about the Paris Motor Show, VW’s focus is plainly on increasing its green credentials having stated publically that in 20-years’ time it expects conventional drivetrains to be massively outsold by hybrid/electric ones.

And so to the facelift Golf.

VW hasn’t released much in the way of information about it yet, but the rumour mill is spinning. What we’re hearing is all nice and worthy, but doesn’t exactly float our boats. We didn’t mind the GTE by any stretch, don’t get us wrong, but that was owing to its ability to perform as well as saving the trees. The 2017 car follows roughly in the GTE’s footsteps, albeit on a slightly wavering path.

Volkswagen Golf - siebente Generation

What we’re hearing is that the major powertrain option is likely to be a hybrid, using a 1-litre supercharged petrol engine combined with a compact and simple 48V electric motor (likely to be the starter motor for the sake of simplicity and weight). This system assists the petrol engine, especially at lower revs, which we hope will mean that whilst unlikely to be fast, the new powertrain might at least offer some entertainment. On the plus side, there’s plenty of scope for a powertrain like that rumoured to be in the next Golf to offer great performance alongside increased economy.

It’s pretty clear what has driven VW to take this course of action: so-called Dieselgate. In the USA especially the issue has had a huge impact on people’s desire to buy a car powered by the black stuff. By switching the main engine choice to a petrol hybrid unit they can still hit emissions regulations and are also guaranteed to flog more cars than an equivalent diesel.

Volkswagen Golf - siebente Generation

With scant details about the new car available it’s hard to make a judgement call on it. We kind-of knew that the focus would be on lower emissions and more economy, but what we don’t know is how this will affect the performance models – the GT and GTi. VW aren’t known for going backwards in terms of performance and driving satisfaction so there’s plenty of scope for the next generation car to be a blinder still.

Firmer details about the new Golf are yet to be released but when they are we’ll make sure you know.

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