July 2016 Issue Preview

It takes a lot to wow the crowds at SEMA and even more to do it with a Corrado but Steve Nodarse and Legacy Innovations did just that by mixing classic VW modifying with a little low rider flavour. Inside the magazine we caught up with one of the most talked about, and certainly the smallest, cars from Ultimate Dubs, Paul Bird’s ‘shorty’ Mk2, we check out Paul Walker’s impeccable Mk1 Caddy and then bag a pair of stunning red cars, Vick Nagi’s A4 and Stan Kowalski’s Mk6 Golf R. Finally, we meet Klye Wilinsky and his incredible Mk3 VRT over in the US. More? Ok, there’s also a look inside BD Clean, show coverage from Worthersee, EuroJam and Early Edition too.

The July 2016 digital issue is on sale now! You can pick up your print copy from Thursday 09 June from all good newsagents (or you can buy your print version online).


Inside this issue

1_issue-july16AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT We love OEM+ as much as the next man but sometimes it’s refreshing to see somebody stepping out of the conformist box. Steve Nodarse is that guy!



2_issue-july16SHORT, BACK AND SIDES

When creating a quirky car there’s a fine line between what’s cool and what’s not. In our view, Paul Bird’s stubby Mk2, running a 16v on twin-45s, air-ride and centre lock Comps is pretty damn awesome, but we’re sure you’ll all have your own opinion on it…




3_issue-july16WALK THE WALK

With a day job that involves getting other people’s paintwork spot-on it is no surprise that north east Dub nut Paul Walker’s own project is beyond flawless.




4_issue-july16HIGH STANDARD

After cutting his tuning teeth on JDM metal Stan Kowalski thought he would try a Dub or two. We think he made a wise decision…




5_issue-july16ROUGH DIAMOND

Purists may argue that the Mk3 GTI wasn’t exactly the Golf’s finest hour, but Kyle Wilinsky begs to differ. He’s a ‘never say never’ kinda guy…