20 Years of PVW: 1996

Reminiscing back 20 years to the very first issue of the mag takes a bit of brain strain – its been a long time. But thankfully, thanks to the joys of computers, which have come on a bit since then, we have a lot of retro Performance VW content saved digitally. Lucky really, otherwise you would have the opportunity to read the cover story from issue one – that’s unless you’ve got an enormous stack of PVW hard copies in the attic somewhere…

Anyway, our first ever cover car was a Golf Mk2 16v, owned by Ian Brimelow. As was the norm back then it had all the stereo, plus some great 90s touches including green tinted taillights and dials and a big bumper conversion – but no sills or arch plastic. The  Colour coded bumpers and single headlamp coversion really completes the 90s vibe!

Anyway here it is – click to enlarge the pictures.

Issue 1 Cover

Issue 1 Cover Feature

Issue 1 Cover Feature


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