Gallery: Worthersee 2016

What is there left to say about Worthersee that we haven’t said before? Look at this way, imagine you had to describe your average car show to someone who’s never been to one before, how would you do it?

“Right, so a load of people get up really early on a Sunday and get in their car they spent four hours cleaning the night before, right?” You’d start. “And then they drive a few hours or more depending on where the show is to park up in a field or a hall with a bunch of other modified cars and then walk around looking at each others cars with their friends all day,” you would continue. “Maybe they’ll eat an over-priced burger from a van or have a beer, they might potentially win an award if their modified car is better than someone else’s, then at the end of the day they drive home again.” Simple enough, right?

But then how do you explain Worthersee? People don’t go to the actual event? They arrive up to two weeks before it? People are often back at home before the actual show starts? People travel from all over the world for it, sometimes, as contributor Jamie Orr did this year or Brian Henderson of Rotiform fame did in 2013 with his 964 just to name two examples, shipping their cars thousands of miles for the privilege of sitting in a traffic jam in Austria? People meet in places called ‘the old lady’s garden’ or the ‘Shell station’ even though all you can find on the map are eni stations? People drive for days across Europe, for thousands of miles, just to get there, often in old impractical cars that don’t have a radio much less air-conditioning? There’s not even one venue as such, rather anywhere inside a big circle drawn on a map around the lake? Right then…

There’s no two ways about it, explaining what Worthersee is to someone who has never been is pretty difficult. But in a way, it’s that mystery and that sense of the unknown that makes it so damn special. Sure, you could hardly call it a secret, the event is gigantic in size and numbers these days and this year marked its 35th year, but until you’ve gone, you will never quite get it. You’ve quite possibly read about Worthsee in the August issue of Performance VW Magazine but we do like to spoil you so check out our more comprehensive image gallery below for more of the atmosphere – and importantly, the cars.

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