World’s Fastest Beetle Hits 205mph

Volkswagen in the USA has claimed a new record by creating the world’s fasted Beetle – the Beetle LSR. Packing a heavily modified version of the 2-litre TSI motor, they managed to squeeze nearly 550hp from it which enabled the car to hit 205mph at the annual World of Speed event in Bonneville.

Volkswagen Beetle LSR

To make the horsepower needed for the record run VW engineers bolted on a larger turbo, stronger pistons, con rods and hotter cams as well as a high-flow cylinder head. The resulting power was complemented by 420lb ft of torque. As well as the engine mods, the car’s suspension and drivetrain was heavily altered to conform to the regulations at Bonneville and ensure the car remained stable at previously uncharted speeds for a Beetle.


Obviously the car is completely decked and the wheels and tyres created especially for the Great Salt Lake’s abrasive surface. A limited slip diff helps the car put the power down more effectively and a roll cage was installed to keep the driver safe. Braking is provided by two parachutes as well as the on-board discs.

Volkswagen Beetle LSR

Setting a time at Bonneville isn’t complicated; take a flat-out run-up to a designated one mile section and keep it pinned. The average speed over the mile, recorded by timing gear, is the final result. And let’s be honest, 205mph in a Beetle isn’t half bad! Saying that, it’s easily possible to extract more than 550hp out of a 2-litre TSI unit so maybe next year there’ll be more to come.

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