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New Shoes | James’ Mk4 GTI

Work on the Mk4 has picked up as the year draws to a close with new components coming in thick and fast ready to turn the ugly duckling into a black swan. Latest on the list of Christmas gifts for...

Unwrapping the early Christmas Present

We got your ‘Eibach’ | James’ MK4 GTI

Now that the Golf is serviced and running smoothly it’s time to get on with the modifications. Before touching the engine the chassis needs to be fit to take any extra power that we might extract out of it. At...

James’ | MK4 GTI

ENTRY 1: What happens when you buy a rusty mk1 Toyota MR2 and have to sell it a month later? You buy a MK4 VW Golf GTI!

Performance VW Golf Rallye

“Class of 2003” Elliott’s Golf Rallye

With a day to go before its show debut at GTI International 2003, our (okay, it was actually Elliott’s) Project Rallye was receiving some drastic chassis fine-tuning at Haycock Motorsport following a full repaint in Nimbus grey at Payne’s Body Technik, a TT dash swap by MIVW’s own Emiel Kooistra and retrim by MJ Interiors.

(Really) Broke Status

Putting a VR in a Mk2. It’s about as easy as engine conversions go. Factor in some classic ‘Dave luck’, though, and it’s a whole different story…

Fab Time

Allow us to introduce the newest member to the RCars fleet, Rob Waite and his Fabia VRS. Yep that’s right, the first Skoda in RCars. Let’s get to it then shall we?