PVW’s 20th Anniversary at Edition 38

It’s that time of year again when arguably the top VW show in the UK happens. As ever, expect some of the best modified VWs from across the UK and Europe, mixed with a chilled out vibe, plenty of entertainment and loads of inspiration for your project.

We’ve been going to Edition for most of its 16 year life. It’s a ‘must attend’ event for all of us at PVW, and this year it’s particularly special as the magazine turns 20 years old with the latest October edition! To celebrate, we’ve arranged it so that anyone attending Edition 38 can get this slice of VW scene history before it hits the newsagents’ shelves. The PVW team will be there throughout the weekend with plenty of mags to go around within which you’ll find a pull-out poster and 11-page retrospective of what has been an absolute blast of two decades.

Come see us if you’re there. Say hi, and share a drink with us. It’d be great to see both old and new faces throughout the weekend.

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