New Owen Development Turbos for VW Group cars

Good news for owners of VWs who want a little more boost in their life; Owen Developments has launched a brand new range of turbo chargers covering powers from 250-850hp. The new ‘GBT’ turbocharger range is claimed to deliver a 5% power gain over the previous generation of its turbos and a 25% improvement in power over turbochargers with cast compressor wheels. In addition, the tired and tested HTA compressor wheels are said to offer more reliability thanks to aerodynamic advancements in the design.

“This design is the culmination of all the expertise that Owen Developments has accumulated in building and modifying turbos for both performance and reliability since the early 1980’s,” comments Director Lee Owen. “Over the years we have been required to manufacture and modify more and more components for performance and racing turbocharger applications,” he continues. “So we found ourselves at the point where we decided to take the next logical step up for the company and that is to manufacture our own range of performance/ motorsport turbochargers,” Owen says.


The supplier of turbos to BTCC cars including the Team BMR Passatt and Excocet Alconsense A4, as well as numerous rally teams running Skoda Fabias, has a vast amount of experience in producing motorsport spec turbochargers. This is applied in the GBT range. For example, the billet aluminium HTA compressor wheel is carried over from the company’s experience in BTCC and delivers high flow and efficient spool characteristics. A new compressor housing helps deliver less air turbulence. Both water and air cooling is available – useful for tighter engine bays with more engine in them than space! In-line oil filters also help extent product life.

Pricing is to be confirmed, but with a spread in capability from 250-850hp for most people wanting to upgrade their VW’s performance or replace a worn part will have all the choice they need.

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