Latest Product Round-up

MK1 R32 Made Easy

Following on from its popular VR6 Conversion Kit, Eurowise has just released a package that allows you to easily drop a 24v R32/R36 engine in to R32 Conversionyour Mk1 platform car – both left and right-hand drive. The kit contains all the mounts, bushing and hardware you need to drop the engine in to your Mk1’s bay as well as a pair of custom designed driveshafts from renowned axle builder ‘The Driveshaft Shop’.

There are different specification kits available, too, depending on what kind of power you’re running or planning to run. No more cutting your Mk1’s nice engine bay up to fit an R32 or R36 lump, the Eurowise conversion kit makes it simple, and it’s totally reversible too should you want to go back to standard. Prices start at $1099, head over to find out more.

Well Damped

A harmonic balancer reduces destructive crankshaft torsional vibration, which is the end-to-end twisting/rebound motion that is naturally generated during each power stroke. A harmonic balancer also contributes to greater valvetrain and timing efficiency, plus it reduces wear of critical engine components such as the main bearings, the oilBalancer pump and the crankshaft itself. Got it?

The Fluidampr name doesn’t need much introduction to anyone who knows what a harmonic balancer is, though. The US-based company has been developing them since way back in 1946 and it’s now joined forces with Canadian automotive engineering firm iABED to supply harmonic balancers for AEB-, ADR- and AJL-code 1.8T or twin-turbo 2.7-litre Audi lumps. Visit for more info or, if you’re in the UK, check out

Subtle Steelie

SteelieLooking for a sweet, understated wheel for your T5 or T6? This 18” specially designed steel wheel is new from Automotive Wheels and it’s exactly that. It comes in 7.5×18” in a 5×120 PCD to just bolt on and is load rated to 930kg – perfect for heavy vans or campers. It comes with a 12-month guarantee, too. And the best thing? It comes in at £79.99 per wheel, which is a bargain in our eyes! Point your browser at for more info.


Down For It

Do you own a 4.0 TFSI S6, RS6, S7 or RS7? If so, APR has new downpipes and matching Stage 2 remaps.

The APR cast downpipe system replaces the restrictive factory catalyst crosspipes and resonators with an upgraded 76mm stainless steel mandrel-bentDownpipe system featuring port-matched cast inlets, high-flow catalysts and various other features. ARP claims it will provide better throttle response, more horsepower and an intoxicating exhaust note. And if you’re going to fit a downpipe you’ll want a map to suit and APR have just developed Stage 2 software for each car. The RS7, for example, sees a jump of +135bhp at 4550rpm and 202ft lb at 3350rpm on 98RON fuel on Stage 1 and 168bhp at 4500rpm and 254lb ft at 3200rpm on 98RON fuel on Stage 2. As if a RS7 needed to be quicker, eh? See in the US.

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