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April 2016 Issue Preview

Has the modified VW world gone mad? To be honest, I don’t think it’s ever been anything but crazy. Certainly not if the content of this issue is anything to go by. Once again it’s full to the brim with...

March 2016 Issue Preview

We’ve got another issue rammed full of unique VAG goodness for you this month including an exclusive look at the world’s first and only body-dropped Amarok (p8) from Rayvern Hydraulics, one of the most powerful Polos ever created in Don Octane’s near 1200bhp quarter-mile slayer, an inside look at Tarox’s reworked Mk7 GTI , one of America’s dopest Mk3s and Europe’s cleanest Mk1 Golf.

February 2016 Issue Preview

Following the 6000bhp drag cars on the cover last month, for the February issue we’ve focused on a car with more show than go. It does, however, belong to one of the most enthusiastic Dubbers you are ever likely to meet and, quite frankly, her views are a breath of fresh air. Elsewhere there’s an exclusive interview with Tanner Foust, a stunning supercharged Corrado VR6 from California, a crazy PD130-powered Mk1 Golf from the UK, a tubbed and tucked Caddy from South Africa, a 450bhp Mk6 Golf GTI from Belgium and a VR6 Mk1 Jetta from across the Pond.

January 2016 Issue Preview

What do we have for you this time out? How about six of mainland Europe’s most incredible VW drag cars with well over 6000bhp between them? Getting them all together in one place was hard enough but getting information out...

December 2015 Issue Preview

Welcome to the Cool Britannia issue. The UK scene continues to push boundaries, bring out ideas and develop trends and put simply, blow our collective minds. So we thought it was about time we put together a special issue packed full of some of the UK’s finest cars to drop over the last year.

November 2015 Issue Preview

Another varied issue packed full of some of the world’s finest modified VAG metal. Robin Varley’s incredible Mk1 blows us away on cover cover while at the other end of the spectrum Larry Harrisson’s Vossen-shod Audi S5 sunbathes in Miami.