“Class of 2003” Elliott’s Golf Rallye

Summer 2003

With a day to go before its show debut at GTI International 2003, our (okay, it was actually Elliott’s) Project Rallye was receiving some drastic chassis fine-tuning at Haycock Motorsport following a full repaint in Nimbus grey at Payne’s Body Technik, a TT dash swap by MIVW’s own Emiel Kooistra and retrim by MJ Interiors.

Trouble is, the way the 5×100 TT Competition rims (which Elliott was adamant about running to complete the TT theme) sat on the car – with the 4×100 to 5×100 Eurospec Sport conversion – up against the collars of the Spax coilovers, with the negative camber dialed in to clear the arches, it meant we had virtually no room for adjustment. In a pre stance-crazed scene we were ‘owning it’, even if by accident. Basically we couldn’t wind the car up or down and despite, in Elliott’s eyes, it sitting absolutely perfect, with a genuine BTCC fag-paper to arch style gap, Jon was adamant it wouldn’t roll forwards let alone go round corners and we’d have to cancel the debut. Elliott, however, some how managed to convince Jon to let him take it around the block for a short road test. Needless to say it did work. There was no fouling whatsoever (to this day we’re still unsure how) and the car went down a treat. So well, in fact, that Elliott sold the car at the show thanks to being made and offer he couldn’t refuse. To this day we still have no idea what happened to the thing. Shame!