Untitled-1We like unusual things here at PVW and one wheel brand that encapsulates that spirit of doing things differently to everybody else is Canadian brand Dampfhammer. If the designs aren’t out-there enough then the names certainly are; Metallspitzer, Fleischwolf and Apfelstrudel being just three of our favourites.

Of course, having interesting names for your wheels is no good if the designs themselves aren’t up to scratch but that’s not a concern for Dampfhammer; its wheels are out of this world with super intricate designs that look nothing like anything else out there! All of Dampfhammer’s wheels are three-piece designs which means that any diameter between 17” and 22” and any width, ET and PCD is available, not to mention any finish and configuration of build too. Fancy becoming part of the Dampfhammer family?

Log on to www.dampfhammer.ca or check out www.facebook.com/dampfhammerautomotive

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