Revo’s new Intercooler


Revo has spent the last year developing its new intercooler for the Mk5/Mk6 and MK7 2.0-litre TFSI and TSI and here it is. Thanks to its bespoke bar and plate core with specially designed end tanks and its unique offset ‘turbulator’ fins to maximise heat dissipation, it’s suitable for everything from a Stage 1 engine to a race-spec motor and every stage of tune in between.

The end tanks are specially designed to force air with maximum velocity in and out of the intercooler and with the connecting hoses being stepped internally for smooth, uninterrupted air-flow for excellent cooling performance and increasing boost response over the stock setup. Revo’s tests saw torque increase to 6Nm at 3- 4.5000rpm with the new intercooler fitted on its test car during development – impressive! What’s more, it’s designed to fit in the OE location too for a nice, stealthy install. It costs £624 and you can find out more at